Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So, here is the latest Rock and Roll Craft Show flyer. I just hope it doesn't mean yellow t-shirts for us, as I am a spring, and look terrible in yellow.

Today was the last day of school before T-giving break. My students had a quiz (Walk Two Moons, chapters 7 to 11) and....the teacher's best friend... a word search! The last class of the day was very serene, peaceful and quiet. I turned off the lights, put on the classical station and graded papers. When W. was done, he asked to take out his knitting and give it a go. Then, K. finished her quiz and asked to help him. They sat back in the bean bag corner and whispered about knitting.

Now, I am not officially teaching them to knit, but a few kids saw the huge box of Learn To Knit! kits I have, and asked to try it. Who am I to say no to crafting!

It was a beautiful moment, one that I wish all my knitting friends could have seen. It was then ruined by a "heated verbal argument" from the class next door, which left T. sitting in the hallway, half in tears because everyone picks on him. He also can't keep his dang mouth shut, so don't feel too sorry for him. Well, feel a little sorry because he doesn't have the sense to keep his comments to himself.

I am cooking a turkey this year, so if any of you have suggestions, I'd like to hear them. The whole prospect doesn't worry me, but I want everything to be perfect.

In other news, Squaresville has expanded, and will now be accepting credit cards at craft fairs! So, if you come see Beqi and me at Wintermarkt, bring your plastic, because we'll be taking it!

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