Friday, September 28, 2007

No Time For Photos

1. Strange Folk was super fun. I made enough to spend a lot at my friends' booths. The skully quilt is still with me. What's the deal?

2. Tomorrow from 10 am to noon, I'll be at the Brittany Woods PTO table at Market in the Loop on Delmar, right by delicious Racanelli's Pizza. Come stop by with an iced coffee and pick up a Chilicraft flyer and buy a raffle ticket for the Dine Out! On Tuesday, participating restaurants in the Loop will donate 20% of specified customer bills to our PTO. So, if you're out to eat Tuesday, tell your server you'd like to support the Dine Out.

3. Also tomorrow, my awesome former students will be drumming and playing and marching in the Homecoming Parade. The high school drum line kicks serious ass, and is a sight to behold if you grew up in a bland, 99% white town like me.

4. Chilicraft is next Saturday, at Brittany Woods Middle School, 8125 Groby Road, in 63130. You can get your face painted, buy cute hair pins from Beqi, fancy art glass from Bev, and luscious shea butter from Keisha. I'm enlisting my homeroom to run the raffle table.

5. We have a sofa!

6. I thought the new season of Degrassi was on tonight, according to one of my students, but she was WRONG! Way to get my hopes up!


Amy Rozeboom said...

Does the sofa live up to your expectations?
- Amy

Allison said...

I took an inaugural nap on it today, with the large dog curled up between my legs, and it was perfect! Room for me and the hound!

sarahkate said...

New season of Degrassi starts next week. I can't wait!

Katherine said...

Is the sofa a soft, comfy, former cow?

I'll never forget the first time I caved and bought a leather jacket only to find it was made in India! They skinned a sacred cow!!