Friday, June 15, 2007

The Universe

One bit of good news....I have nine of these that will be blooming in a couple weeks. Remember, I paid one dollar for a bag of 10 bulbs last year. Now, I have many, many more.

And now, a warning--whining ahead!

Today, I believe the universe is against me. Twice today, TWICE, I yelled,"Oh shit! Please stop! Please stop!" to other drivers.
On Forest Park Parkway, the car in my rear view mirror did not appear to be slowing down and I was at a red light. The hair on my neck actually stood up, and I imagined my precious car being crumpled. Luckily, Drinky McGee did stop, an inch away from my bumper. Then, once the light turned green, he zipped around me on the right. A few lights later, he realized he wanted to turn right from the middle lane.
Sounds stressful, eh?

THEN, I find out another one of my friends is pregnant. I'll leave it at that.

On the way home from school, a tractor trailer pulled out in front of me on 55 south. I'm cruising along, at the speed limit, and saw the truck with its blinker on. "Oh, he's not REALLY going to pull out. Surely he can see there isn't enough room for him to get in front of me oh shit he really IS coming into my lane from a dead stop oh crap!"
By some stroke of luck, I did not smash into the back of the Lane Furniture truck, and the car behind me was paying attention and did not smash into me.

Oh, and the reason I signed up to teach summer school? Nonexistent. At least I'm just teaching art, to 3 classes of 8 students each.

I've had way too much adrenaline today. Someone else go run my errands. I'm staying inside.


Cat Pick said...

I'm sorry it was such a bad day! But those glads are GORGEOUS, so that's something, right?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true. I am pregnant now. You don't have to say "another friend".


bev said...

Holy moly - you're teaching the art I was going to teach only I'm teaching the art I was going to teach to the pre-kindergartners across town at the - dare I say it? - newest and most nicely air-conditioned building in the district. I didn't see you at the staff meeting...but then again, it was packed.

Good luck!

Katherine said...

Wait...I thought you were doing summer school to come to MAINE!! Wassup?

I was curious who's preggers, but now that I know its Matt I guess everything works out in its own quirky way.

Dana said...

Allison, last week I too had one of those oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-die experiences on the highway. I was headed downtown, exiting on Jefferson. A semi was merging onto the highway at full speed and didn't see me. I was going 60, so my reaction was a cartoonish, both feet on the brakes, legs and arms completely straight panic move. Tires screeched, black marks were made, and I came to a complete stop on the highway, about 4 feet from the semi's bumper. He continued on, oblivious, while my heart thumped in my throat. Well. The great crafter in the sky (ha ha ha) must not have wanted either of us to get creamed just yet!