Friday, June 08, 2007

Training Babies

Not, not teaching them tricks; I mean like a training bra training baby.
I got to hold this one today:

and got to feed this one on Memorial Day:
For some reason, the pics of that baby are no longer on the blog, but buy some cute pouches!

Thinking further, wouldn't a training baby be a good thing? I mean, they're all heavy and sweaty and drooly and mercurial. It would really solidify one's desire to be a parent, especially if that "one" is a lonely teenage girl.

Since my last "if you post it, it will sell" trick worked (thanks, Robin!) here is what I have for you today:

It is a full-size-ish unpadded summer quilt. Just 1 layer of the quilt top stitched to a backing of heavier cotton upholstery fabric. It was made at my MIL's house during the December ice storm. I had an idea of what it would look like, but didn't have the space to lay out the blocks to make sure that they looked good together. It turned out pretty awesome!
This might be up for silent auction later on this month.....stay updated!

Oh, and I am officially on Summer Break. Envy me, you might, but I am teaching art at summer school, so break will be short lived/profitable.


Robin said...

If it's up for auction, I'll bid! It's lovely.

luckybees said...

beautiful quilt!
Thanks for feeding the boy on Memorial Day - that day was actually the dirtiest he has ever been, ever. I put his pics on - for the grandparents, so it's minus my usual sarcastic comments.