Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break

So, I spent the greater part of this week either in Pennsylvania, or on I-70.
It was great to lounge in my parents' house and eat good home cooking. Mom and I went to an "antique" mall and I ended up with these:

Each piece was $1.00, and the polka dot scrap was a mere quarter! Click on the fox/bird fabric to decipher the wording. The orangey-yellow and yellow/purple squares had old quilting lines marked on them, which sort of came out in the wash. I think they'll be fine for potholders, though.
Of course, a visit to the greater Philadelphia is not complete without a stocking-up of Tastykake products and good coffee.

More pics to come once Matt emails them from his computer to mine.


Oh yeah, I also scored this supposed McCoy planter. It is an exact smaller version of one my mother has! Neither one is marked, but both have similar flaws. I lurve it.


Robin said...

Wonderful fabric! Makes me want to hit the junk stores today and see if I can find some. Because you know I really need more vintage fabric.

I have never partaken in a Tastykake. I meant to look for them when I was in western PA last fall, but didn't get a chance.

Love the McCoy!

Cat Pick said...

I have no idea what the lettering on the animal fabric says, but I love it nonetheless. Very good score!