Sunday, February 25, 2007


I was inspired to do this by Blackbird's blog:

I love white chocolate.
I hate white bread.

I love cinnamon dulce lattes at Starbucks.
I usually dislike anything cinnamon.

I love the shape and colors of squid.
I hate the idea of eating squid.

I like cocktail sauce.
I dislike the texture of the shrimp one dips into cocktail sauce.

I love Irish bars.
I hate cigarette smoke in bars.

I love the early morning.
I hate having to go to work in the early morning.

I love shopping at Target.
I hate actually buying things (too frugal for my own good. Or my wardrobe's own good.)

I love listening to music.
I hate going to see bands because of the cigarette smoke, the late hours, and the standing. I have varicose veins, people! Give this old lady a seat!

I love my husband.
I like being alone in the house sometimes.


Kate said...

The North East is now smoke free in bars and clubs!! Clearly, moving would be in your best interest.


Kate said...

Oops, I meant calamari.