Saturday, January 27, 2007

Stalker Girl

I saw it today.
It went right past me, like I wasn't even there. Isn't that part of a Dag Nasty song?

I know it was the one. My sweet, cherished, blue Mazda, that I THOUGHT I was fully over.
Just as "You're So Vain" came on the radio, I looked over, and in front of the SouthSide Bank, was the deer-damaged front quarter panel I knew so well!
It was headed south on Grand.
I will have to find out where it lives now.
Did it see me in my new Mazda? Was it jealous? Did it see me? Does it miss me?
I had to buy a new one! Matt wouldn't let me dump any more money into it! It's not my fault it got a cracked water pump!


Oh yeah, my birthday is tomorrow, and I expect chocolate, bitses!


maitai said...

happy birthday! i hope all is well. i miss you and our knitting get togethers!

Allison F said...

We have friends who have your new Mazda in yellow. The red is a much more sensible choice, since their car looks like the 'Merry Maids' mobile at a glance.

Do you have Merry Maids Mobiles in MO?

Robin said...

Aw! Your old blue Mazda came to wish you a happy birthday! My old cars never do anything nice for me.

Rivetbob said...

Is it a Walker thing, the stalking of cars and "finding out where they live?" I mean, that sounds so menacing. I think of you with the basil-face saying, "I'ma gonna find out where they live, and I'ma gonna cut them!*"

*please note, "I'ma" denotes a mean anccent, not an italian guy trying to sound menacing.