Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Romy and Michelle

I love reading diary entries where I wax rhapsodic on the virtues of a new product, which has now become commonplace. I'm sitting in front of a trio of New Age-y Post-Its. They are grey, and have black and white pics of stones on them. Calming, rounded, natural stones. I won them at a bridal shower this summer-I didn't buy them. Heck, I've never bought office products-I just get them from school!

March 17, 1987, Tuesday

Dear Alicia,
Hi. Sunday, I went with C to Roadside America. Today was boring. Yesterday, L brought in this little note pad with sticky on it so you could post it (note) to something. She put one on H's back and it stayed until 3rd period. She really aggravates me sometimes.
C told me that Connie and Tracey are not virgins. I believe it. We (C and me) are writing a story about BW as a little kindergardener.
Ta ta!

Okay, we were in 8th grade. 8th graders should be virgins. Now, based on the percentage of rumor mixed in with bragging, I'm only 50% sure that Connie and Tracey were telling the truth.
And the story thing? C was a great writer. I was too. In 7th grade, we co-wrote a long ass story about the childhoods of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith from Tears For Fears. Yes, C had an unhealthy obsession with TFF. She collected every 7", 12" and Euro import record she could. For you younguns, music stores used to sell records in an unironic way.
So, we'd each write a couple pages or so, and pass it to the other. Our TFF story involved child abuse and alcoholism, thus spurring Roland and Curt to go into music to make money for therapy as adults. That last part was true-I heard it on a radio interview with them.
Later on, we'd write stories about Mike (our 9th grade crush-Hi Mike!) and the prequel to the movie "Willow". Thinking about it now, it was somehow like masturbating. Stay with me here...I'll explain.
I was too young, too ugly, and too scared of boys to do anything with them. Also, my parents ruled with an iron fist. So, I got my jollies by writing about my fantasy boyfriend, or movie role romance. You get it? Now, our stories weren't sexual by any means, but involved a lot of "Mike saw Allison and was amazed by how cute she was", or "Madmartigan swept Allison up in his burly sweaty arms and kissed her neck and her face".
C and I had code names for the Rennaisance Faire/Willow story, but I can't remember them.
And, lastly, Post Its. Again, L had all the cool things first, even though she was the only person I knew who got free lunch.
H and I had a love/hate relationship. I liked her freedom and sense of humor, but was always trying to keep my place in the pecking order, which led to making fun of her if others did. She was also guaranteed to freak out amusingly when she discovered any prank played on her. I feel a lot of remorse for teasing her like I did, even to this day. We became good buds in our 20's, when she moved to Boston. Many, many, many drunken nights at The Model and our apartment.
I know I'm going to get a lot of site visits by pimply teenaged boys who are not interested in 1987. Hi guys! Go visit my store at www.squaresville.etsy.com! There's not a lot in there now, but "please...keep me in mind..." (Smiths, dumbass!)
Oh yeah, you people need to comment!
I love Matt because he's burning "The Hurting" onto CD right now, so I don't have to listen to my cassette tape of it.

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