Thursday, March 23, 2006

Guess? what

Ugh. Upon reading this, I want to eat more Girl Scout cookies and hide in my house. I was SUCH a FASHION WHORE!

March 21, 1987
Dear Louisa,
Hi. Sorry about the last few days, but nothing happened.
Today, I went to Oxford Valley Mall with C. I got a soft yellow Outback Red shirt, a black pair of pants, and a jean skirt. I wanted a jean jacket, but I ran out of money.
C. is always acting contrary to her mom. That really gets to me sometimes. I hate her car!
L. has been asking H. if she can borrow a pair of H's Guess? pants. H says absolutely no way in hell. She got Guess? overalls today. I like H. She doesn't show of her Guess? jeans like Tracey or Bobbie. I really want a pair though.

Again, UGH. How exactly does one show off pants? Don't you just wear them? I ended up getting a Guess? jean skirt from my cousin Crystal the summer before 9th grade, I think. She lived in Fort Worth, so she must have been visiting my grandmom of knitting fame.
Outback Red. Now there's some bad clothing design. The shirt I speak of had that funny tab across the top button, a rounded hem in front, but a square hem in back. I think it had something on the upper sleeve, too.
At our school, the big haired girls wore their shirts tucked in the front, but left the back out, creating a diaper-esque look. I admit to doing it. As you may have guessed, I have no shame.
The black pants, if I recall, buttoned on the side, instead of having a zipper like every other damned pair of pants I could have bought. They lasted me for years, though. It was a frugal purchase!!
C's family car was roughly the size of the Ark. It was red with a white rag top. There were little windows on the sides next to the regular windows. It was white on the inside. I think they got it from a relative. C's mom produced nothing but girls, 5 I think by now. Her mom was super nice and sweet, but her stepdad was a jerk. What was it with me and evil stepdads?
Aie! My eyes are Creationists!!! My computer thinks dinosaurs never existed! I apologize for that freaking Ark link. Takes all kinds.

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Robin said...

Just thinking about Guess? and OBR makes me break out in hives.

I will admit, though, I totally rocked some oversized Guess? sweatshirts in my day.