Saturday, March 04, 2006

March 8, 1987

Sorry for the lapse in blogging. I was in Chicago last Thursday, Friday and weekend. This week sucked at work and I've been sewing like a madwoman.
Upon reading this, I ask why did I write such boring stuff? I mean, really! Why did I think that future generations would need to know what the temperature was? Or how my grandmother taught me to knit by fear?

March 8, 1987
Dear Luanne,
Today I rode down to Grandmom's and started knitting a country blue Shaker sweater. It is fun, except I have to go slow unless I make a mistake. Then it's off with my head!!

Anyway, today was up to about 75 degrees! I wore shorts! It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Barf gag, gross, nowayhosea, absolutely not young man!
Tired as shit!

I'm gonna put a different name for my diary each night. Love and other indoor sports!

Like I said, dullsville! I drew a picture of me in a sweater with a mistake and a line across my neck. The phrase "love and other indoor sports" is from a teen novel, not my own ingenuity.
And shorts? Knowing me, they were probably Jams I made myself. I wish I had a picture of them to post. I am SO glad capris came into style. I can ease my way into blinding the world with my legs. Have you ever seen how naturally Marilyn Manson-like pale I am? I'm actually darker now than I was then at least on my face. I suppose that's from years of working at the snack bar at the Village 2 pool, and from walking the dog so much. Oh, and going to the Grand Canyon last summer and burning the shit out of my lips.

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Shoes said...

I really want to go look back and my journal now...that is I can find it...10 years ago alone would probably be some good humor to me, it might not be as tasty though....
Don't hit me but 10 years ago, yeah thats 17, pure idiotic highschooldom....Probably about a) my lack of datage to dances b) going with others friends to dances in groups or c) wonder if they think I'm a lesbian since I hang with the other lesbians and d) some chic I hung with was such a ho...probably still is...
Dork then, dork now, dork forever probably....