Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Man's Search for Videos

March 6, 1987
Today was pretty boring. Except L brought in these "raffle tickets" and sold them to us (not me, since I didn't have any money), saying they were for a raffle for Cub Scouts.
This is what they said:
Hello Turkey! You have just been screwed out of $.25! You are nowa member of the Dumb Ass club. You will remain a member for life unless yousell this ticket to some other turkey.
Don't bitch, don't whine, get your quarter like I got mine!

I went shopping with Mom and dropped an 8-pack of bottled soda on the floor! Luckily, they didn't break.
Love, Me
Okay, that wasn't very interesting, but it does make me wonder how I learned anything in school, what with L's Watchman, raffle tickets, and the various boys. And when did soda come in 8 packs? I don't remember drinking any soda as a youth...
Here is the next day's post, to assuage you. It marks an important moment in Walker Family History.

March 7, 1987
Dear Sarah, (I began using names instead of Dear Diary)
Today was weird.
1. I went with Mom and Grandmom, got shoes, a shirt, yarn and lunch.
2. My hermit crab is shedding his exoskeleton. Yuck!
That's all! It was like spring today! We spent $71 on shoes!

Yes, we entered the modern age with our VCR. I think the first movie we rented was a Cheech and Chong movie, which my dad liked. If you knew my dad, you'd be like "What?", but he thought they were funny. I didn't get it. One evening, my parents ordered me and Daniel to stay in our rooms and not to come into the living room. I accidentally walked by and caught a glimpse of a naked body. Porn?! I doubt it, but maybe it was a racy movie like 91/2 Weeks or something. Totally gross!
Another memory of this VCR involves renting Pretty In Pink, and getting embarrassed when Andie and Blaine smooch. My dad was in the room with me, god knows why. I actually got up and left the room! I hovered within earshot so I could hear when the dialogue started again and it was safe to return. Usually, I only had to leave the room when a Prince video came on. Dad would stay up late on Friday nights to drink and watch Friday Night Videos with Dan and me. Our job was to freshen his white wine and club soda drinks, while he scratched himself and belched at the TV. Now I know whose soda it was that I dropped in Acme. I always thought it was so cool that he'd watch videos with us! He'd get toasty and start to sing along! Good times! Except for the "When Doves Cry" video.

I also recall this shoe shopping trip. I got a pair of grey shoes with the pointy toe and small wedge heel so common to the 80's. Why grey, I don't know. I had to get grey shoe polish too. Who wears grey shoes? My idea was probably that grey goes with a lot of colors, and I wanted to be coordinated, yet unique and funky. Oh I was unique, all right!
I also remember how warm it was. We opened our windows for the first time in months, and the fresh air smelled great. I think my dad even mowed the yard, which made the house smell even better.
And the funny thing about L was that even though her family was pretty poor, she always had all these cool gadgets and novelty items. I mentioned the Eddie Murphy videos and cable. She already had a VCR. We were the only family still living in the technological stone age. My parents only got an answering machine 2 years ago. If you come visit, you can observe the mysterious hieroglyphics in Dad's garage and maybe partake in an ancient game of drinking and telling racist jokes. A visit you'll never forget!


Robin said...

Good lord, I had a pair of pointy-toed kitten-heeled dove-gray shoes in 1986. And, of course, I wore them with white pantyhose.

Allison said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who wore grey shoes! I saw a pair for sale in Chicago this weekend, and was VERY tempted to buy them and use them as my mascot. Luckily, my inner Stacey and Clinton spoke up, and I left!

Shoes said...

Ah, i remember the day we broke down and got an answering machine...the devil won because those things were pure evil... would die today to think of homes with no answering machine or cellery phones with no voicemail.

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