Thursday, July 01, 2010

Plant Pour-n

Here ya go, my dears:
The yard, in its current state this evening.

A squash the Vietnamese guy next door is growing. It will end up being 3 feet long and will possibly hatch aliens.
Cucumbers, being fussy about climbing their ladder to success. Giant-ass tomato in the background, and yes, that's the Latin name. Assus Ginormous.  Please also note my jean scrap mulch!

Sunflowers I'm growing for a bee-counting research project. I guess I should actually get out there and count bees some day, right?

Ginny the cat, looking startled. It's fireworks season here on the Southside.

Ginny lays in the yard, waiting for birds and mice.

My lovely hydrangea bush has turned shell pink.

What I love about these blackberry lilies is that they come speckled and solid, in orange, pink or purply, look like iris foliage, and only resemble blackberries when the flowers go to seed.


Elizabeth Frick said...

lovely yard! though my favorite feature, of course, is Ginny. she's adopted you :)

Allison said...

Sometimes her friend Peanut comes over too. There's also a half-Siamese with ice blue eyes who rolls in every now and then. It's like they know Matt's allergic and I love kitties :)