Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

 Just some pretty:

My parents in Pennsylvania are getting hit hard with the snowfalls there.  There is nothing on that patio table except 2 feet of snow.

I am jonesing for spring, especially after seeing a huge flock of robins this week.
Here are some warm photos for you to contemplate:
This is my mom and brother in 1981.

Check out those tritoma!

I love, love, love zinnias. There's something about their symmetry and pure rich colors and unfussiness that appeal to me.  Come on, spring!


Elizabeth Frick said...

oh my GOODNESS you look like your mama!

Allison said...

I thought that as soon as I uploaded her picture! She had black hair, before it went grey, but otherwise, our faces are the same. My dad has green eyes, and my brother and I both inherited them. My mom's mother has greenish/hazel eyes, so that's the Punnet square for ya.

Senora Muertos said...

Elizabeth is right. You do look like your momma.
And I am with you hurry up spring.