Friday, July 03, 2009


I love seeing this when Maggie and I come down the alley at the end of our daily walk. Zinnias, chianti sunflowers, some other type of pale yellow sunflower, four o'clocks, and a marauding squash.
Upon looking at this, I didn't even notice the baby robin sitting on the fence (on the left hand side) when I took the picture! He or she has been kicking it in the yard for several days now, following its parent around and chirping for food. Love the little speckles on its belly!

Cantaloupes are getting big. I've already bartered several of them away, so I hope there's more where this fuzzy guy came from.

Praying mantises are also getting big. This lady was hanging out on my corn, which is a few weeks behind last year's harvest date.

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Senora Muertos said...

It looks great! Love the pic of the praying mantis. I love them for some strange reason.