Saturday, March 07, 2009


Many good things today:
1. Spending time with Miss Lemon and Superchick at Superchick's basement/sunroom sale.

2. Pitchforking the garden beds and finding the most deliciously black and crumbly soil.

3. Brave robins who know that human digging equals worms.

4. The solar dryer (clothesline) made its 2009 debut and is currently drying the second load of laundry today.

5. Blues City Deli sandwiches.

6. The first iced coffee of the season.

7. Taking the plastic off one of the little stained glass windows in the bedroom. Mmmm...fresh air...

8. Tonight, we sleep upon 400-thread count sheets.

9. Cutting down the tall ornamental grasses and astilbe. Anyone want a healthy butterfly bush? It's the giant bush on the right in the pic below. That's purple hyacinth bean growing all over it. The bush can't keep growing where it is right now. I've got Easter lilies under there somewhere. Last summer it was 6 feet tall in its second year of life. It's that soil, I tell ya!

10. Digging in the compost bin and disturbing a once-happy field mouse. Now, if the same mouse was in my house, I would be all Adolf Hitler on its furry grey ass. But, in my coffee grounds and clementine peels? Cute, cute, cute. Now keep chewing my compost!

10.1 Discovering wonderfully wonderful soil at the bottom of Field Mouserton (yes, stolen from "Lost" when Sawyer says "New Otherton" but I love wit). That soil is going to produce some amazing veggies this summer. Corn ahoy!

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John Grass said...

Hey Allison,

Came across your blog today. Glad to hear that you guys are doing well. Hope to see you this summer!