Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My foot hurts Good Stuff

Can one seriously ruin one's feet by wearing Danskos? My tootsies just don't fit in my Vans anymore without pain.

Today kicked ass for several reasons:
1. I had an all-day meeting.

2. I had a chai from Starbucks.

3. We got our work done early and got to leave early.

4. I walked the dog in the freezing cold, with a scarf from Kate wrapped around my head/face/neck. Girls, it is aquamarine wool, so I know you're all jealous.

5. The dog did not poop, so I did not have to take off my mittens on said walk.

6. The slightly sour milk I put in my coffee did not make me sick. I have a bad history of eating/drinking things I probably shouldn't. My frugality will be, and has been, my downfall. I got so sick last spring (slightly moldy red pepper pesto...but I ate from the non-moldy side!) that I called in sick to work and didn't eat for a week. I also spent the entire weekend in bed, which is unheard of for me. The trains must run on time! Where does that phrase come from, by the way?

7. I culled a garbage bag plus a paper bag full of scraps for someone on Freecycle.

8. It's taco night!

1 comment:

Katherine said...

I, as well, am all about taco night.

I went through a "I am way too authentic for preformed hard shell tacos" phase in my early twenties, but now I am back to heartily embracing the Ortega goodness. We make ours with ground chicken, and they are super tasty.

Damn. Now I want tacos for dinner.

Hope your tootsies feel better.