Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Good Stuff--anniversary/Christmas/birthday/V-Day present


FINALLY, all the past major holidays have now been atoned for!
The coolest part? This mattress has a firm side and a plush side. I laid down on it, pronounced it "perfect". Matt did the same thing. Then we switched sides and it was like angels singing when we realized it was two different firmnesses!

Whoever invented a dual-firmness mattress is up there with George Washington "I know you'll like peanut butter, Allison" Carver in my book. I love them.

Matt goes to pick it up tomorrow, and hopefully one of my beloved readers whose name rhymes with "spammy" will help him. I am way too short to mess with a queen size mattress.

And, snow flurries this morning! Snow is always good for me.

Oh, I even dreamed I found the camera maybe that's a good omen.

Now to write up write-ups about my refashioned clothes for today's Swap O-Rama at the History Museum. Come to see me!


Elizabeth said...

Wahoo for a new mattress! We can sleep blissfully together, but apart. Nothing funny...

Senora Muertos said...

I am jealous! Enjoy!

Laurene said...

Sweet! Now those flannel sheets have a home! said...

Good blog.