Sunday, November 16, 2008

It Is Done.

Soooo....I just emailed my Rock and Roll Craft Show inventory over to the headmistress at RRCS. If you were lusting after a mitt, tough! You'll have to snatch it up November 28th to the 30th at Third Degree Glass Factory on Delmar Boulevard.

In honor of my newfound freedom, I worked on our t-shirt quilt today. It's pretty much done, and pretty much all my t-shirts. Matt disapproved of my Babes In Toyland shirt (the band, not the sex toy store) but those riot grrls are on it anyway, along with my cherished Upper Hand and Billy Idol shirts. Yes, him again.

Other notes:
1. We watched the movie Eastern Promises. Best part was seeing Viggo Mortenson's weiner during a fight scene. As I said to Laurene, if I had a body that looked like that and I was a dude, I'd walk around nude all the time. Oh, and the Russian accents were charming.

2. I bought a Christmas present for myself today. Teal and chocolate brown snowflake flannel sheets, now on sale at Target! I bought a queen size set, in hopes that a queen-size bed will appear under the Christmas tree.

3. Why are my calendulas blooming like mad? It's cold out for plants!

4. I am about to experiment with bulk hot chocolate mix like my mom did when we were little. It involves large boxes of powdered milk, Nestle Quik and powdered sugar and Cremora. We shall see how it tastes.

5. Please go buy stuff at the Rock and Roll Craft Show, namely my stuff. Remember, it's all much cheaper and I'm not making any more for a while! Recession, you say? Recession, my ass! You tell that to the throngs of South Countians at Target today. The economy is alive and well, now that gas is for some reason the cheapest it's been in 7 years. Can you say "cartel"?


JJ said...

oh my god. i can't believe you are talking about the old school hot chocolate mix with powdered milk. my mom made that same thing and would store it i a large orange tupperware container. i was just thinking about how good that was TODAY! uncanny.
p.s. finally got an imac and LOVE IT!!
wants you go mac, you don't go back.

dana said...

Have I ever told you that I LOVE VIGGO MORTENSON? Yes, LOVE him. Because not only is he hot, but he is smart, funny, well-traveled, an artist.....a true Renaissance man. And holy hell.....he's 50 and has that body. Sigh. So what if he occasionally shows up at movie premieres looking like a mariachi or the devil? He is hot. I am glad that I'm not the only one to recognize his greatness!!!!!