Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quilts I Have Known

I'm trying something different with this blog setup. Here are all the quilts I've made that I have pics of. They aren't for sale, as they are already sold. But you can commission year!

We have a lot of records.
I still love orange and pink and zinnias.
Ancient Dresden plate blocks from Grandma and 1" squares from Cat's yard sale-ing.
Don't remember why I look so pissed off...I may have been just squinting or thinking, "Here's your goddamned quilt, asshole!"

1 comment:

Cat Pick said...

You should make business cards: Here's your goddamn quilt, asshole.

We're dreaming of owning a coffee shop named Fuck You. Just think of answering the phone: Good morning, Fuck You, Cat speaking!