Saturday, February 23, 2008

Insensitive? Perhaps.

Feb. 16, 1988
Nothing much. If I don't get a B or above in Geometry, I can't pass math. Oh yeah, Nov. 9, C's mom had her baby, but it died. I'm watching the Olympics. Today I got a drink at the water fountain and immediately after, MP came out and got a drink. Today Dylan got carried out of gym on a stretcher. He got hit int he eye. I'm so glad it wasn't MP!

Feb. 17
MP got his hair cut. It looks so cool! He has the greatest cheekbones and he looks so cool in black. He has dark, liquid brown eyes.

1. First of all, WOXY Vintage just started "Liar" by the Rollins Band, led by my secret boyfriend, Henry Rollins!

2. Stream of consciousness or insensitivity? The baby was named Joy, and the cause of death was something to do with RSV....I think. I remember finding out during Sex Ed. class (the first time I had to take it). Maybe the death was what put C. over the edge. My mind was obviously on other things at this point beside my friends.

3. Dylan lived up the road from me. He recovered nicely.

4. Geometry was taught by the awesome Mr. Penge. (I'm assuming this link is to him) He may have been the reason for my long-standing weakness for witty Italian/New Yorker-type men. I really liked shapes and angles, but just couldn't do the proofs! QED? WTF? He had lots of pictures of his family on his bulletin board. One day, I foolishly asked how many kids he had, and he replied that he had 3, but one had died. Quiet fell across the math room. Everyone looked at me. I looked intently at my math book, waiting to disappear.

5. I ended up with a (pity grade) D in Geometry, but failed the mid-term exam. When I got the exam back and saw my F, I got physically sick and, for the first time in my school career, asked to use the restroom. When I got home that day, I put on my pajamas and laid on the couch, crying. Perhaps it was PMS that made me so sick and weepy, but I really felt like I had let Mr. Penge down. Plus, it wouldn't be easy to explain the F to my dad. C's were unacceptable, so I was really up the crick with this report card!

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Cat Pick said...

My only F ever was in Geometry. I can't remember that terrible teacher's name (she wasn't really responsible for my failing but she *was* terrible), but I'll never forget her one mauve suit. She seriously had three outfits that she wore; only three.

I didn't cry about that F, though I probably should have. A nicer teacher let me scrape by in Advanced Algebra the next year. I have happily retained nothing from either class.