Friday, August 31, 2007

To Boycott or To Not Boycott?

Here is what I feel like doing to Hancock Fabrics right now:

Oh, that brother of mine and his camera timer!

Here's my dilemma. I dropped ye olde sewing machine off at HF for a cleaning on August 10th. It wasn't back when we returned to Maine. I called last week, and the gal said it had just gone out. Apparently, nobody saw it on the 14th, when the fixer guy called to see if there were any machines for him to pick up. It has a giant Descendents sticker on it, for chrissakes!
I feel that THEY should pay for it, since they screwed me out of 2 weekends of sewing for the million craft fairs I'm doing this fall. No such luck. I'm going to pay them their little $60 and then decide if I will shop there again.
Am I wrong? What should I do? They're so close and I hate the Jo-Ann's with their dried flowers and seasonal banners and cutesy shit.

Rat finks.

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Cat Pick said...

I think you should keep insisting on some kind of credit or discount or something. I mean, they've admitted they didn't send the machine out when they were supposed to.