Friday, August 03, 2007

The Cotton Whisperer

So, for my Craft Mafia pseudonym, I chose "The Cotton Whisperer" not just because I love Cesar Milan, but because I feel that I have a way with cotton, much like Cesar and his pooches.
Here is what I've been sewing furiously on for the past week or so.

I know they're not quilted yet, but I wanted to take a pic of them since it's like 100 degrees outside with 89% humidity. Mmmm...warm wet St. Louis blanket.

You all wanted to see a crotch shot of my dog, right?

The perfect Baby's First Quilt....skulls and roses!

There's not many times when I feel proud of myself, but looking at these makes me feel that way. I don't hate myself; I just never feel accomplished. Of course, I could get my Ph.D. and be like, "Big deal--tons of people have their doctorate!"
Now back to quilting. Blech.

I'll be selling these bad boys at CraftaNostra on August 18th. You better be there, but not in a stalking way. I might be short, but I will reiterate my shortness=compressed rage theory.

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alexis said...

Thems gorgeous! nice work sista.