Saturday, April 07, 2007


So, I'm standing at the kitchen window, eating grapes, and wishing it was a more reasonable temperature (i.e. NOT 34 degrees), when I spy a squirrel sitting on the fence, eating something red.
"Hmm.." I thought, "even if he did get into the compost bin, there wasn't anything red in there. Lemme get the binoculars."
The squirrel was eating a bird, and I can only hope that the wings were moving because it was very windy. He left bird parts on the fence. He had blood on his little mouth. I used to think he/she/they were cute, but now?
Who knew that squirrels were carnivores?

In other news, 2 of the girls who I wrote about in my diaries have found me on Myspace. Do I need to go back though ALL those posts and change names? I'm sure that they are mature enough to realize that we were just twerpy 13 year olds and time heals all wounds. Gah.
My regular computer died, and I am using M.'s old laptop hooked up to my regular monitor. Therefore, no gross pics of bird guts, but you know I would if I could.


maitai said...

HAH! that is hilarious! i'm sure you had nothing but nice things to say about those two girls anyhow ;)

Shannon said...

Wow. I had no idea. That is pretty damn sick. I mean, I know they will eat anything, I just didn't think that "anything" included birds not found deep fried in the trash.

Katherine said...

Carnivorous squirels, oh my!

My neighborhood is where squirrels come to die. They alternate between getting electrocuted on the power lines and getting squished by cars. Our streets are littered with former squirrels.

Maybe your squirrel has a nut alergy.

Allison said...

Cat and I looked for remnants, and didn't find even a feather. Even the blood drops are gone.

In other news, so is my Hoosier Neighbor's lemon yellow toilet.

maitai said...

i see you're going through old posts to modify them! don't want people to think you're still jealous of LW, eh? haha!

april said...

I thought their little buckteeth looked suspiciously sharp.
On another note, the phrase "Lemon Yellow Toilet" just totally made my day.