Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yes, the Chilicraft is almost upon us! Start starving yourselves for the taste-off!
One of my students drew up a more amazing flyer than this yesterday. I will have to scan and post his. I almost wept, it was so creative and awesome.

So, if you're interested in the mayor of Squaresville, come on over to Brittany Woods to sample chili, spend a lot of money on awesome clothes by Beqi, jewelry by Tiny Montgomery, cute little purses and change purses by String Theory, and more and more.
Heck, here's a list:
1. Beqi Clothing
7. (wicked awesome glass things)
10. Soul Diva trading (yum...shea butter stuff! I shall be soft!)
12. Morgan's Naked Soaps (a craft fair isn't complete without a soap person)
13. Tiny Montgomery
14. Of course, myself,

There will be kettle corn, Meshuggah Coffee, and many of my darling students to entertain you with their banter. Oh yeah, and a raffle contest!
*sigh* now to sleep. Hopefully no tornado-themed nightmares tonight. Last night, my dream killed off the guy Kate is seeing. I mean no harm!


bev said...

I have to confess, I come by your blog quite often. Thanks for the "wicked awesome glass things" plug. My subbing experience has taught me that the quality of the banter goes up with age. I *heart* 5th and 6th graders, so 7th and 8th should be, what, just that much more sarcastic? Sweet.

I shall bring some future entertainers for you to meet - my very own spawn. A sort of "here's what you're in for warning shot," if you will. Heh.

Alexis said...

Was it a great success?