Sunday, February 11, 2007


For the past week, I've been coughing, a la 1996, when I had bronchitis. Back then, it was brought on by a Wednesday night gathering of my friends to watch Beverly Hills 90210.
I distinctly remember the episode. Dylan had just gotten married to that actress with the big eyes. There was a scene with him talking to his new FIL. Holly said, " Excuse me sir, while I go bang your daughter behind this bush." I spit out my beer and started laughing so hard I started coughing.
I didn't stop coughing for a month. My roommates were woken up in the middle of the night by me. I took a bottle of Robitussin with me to work and stashed it under the counter. I finally went to Massachusetts General Hospital and got some Robitussin with Codeine and some other little bath-bead-like drug which suppressed the urge to cough.
Wish I had some now. This is what my drinks of choice have been for the past week:

You will note they are almost empty. The shaky picture is indicative of how I feel. I got tired just making the bed yesterday.
The doctor put me on Amoxicillin, which makes it hard to leave the safety of a toilet. I don't know if I'm going to work tomorrow.
Anyway, the pretty blue medicine makes me have very realistic dreams about the most RANDOM topics. Things I haven't thought of in a decade or more! WTF?
Last night, I dreamt about 2 kids I used to babysit. Dennis and Jennifer L.. In the dream, I was talking to their neighbor. Dennis and Jen went to my church, and were among the throngs of Solebury Township kids I babysat. The neighbor was actually Jen G., which I found out after consulting my yearbook. Good times, good times.
Jen went to Boston University, too. I ran into her and her parents in the checkout line at Star Market one day. My hair was probably some bright red color, and knowing the year, I was probaby Cute Punk Rock/Hardcore Girl. Blue Doc Martens and all.
The other night, I dreamt about the albino deer that roamed Solebury Township. Daniel and I saw them, and were calling for our father to come outside to see them. One was the size of a Holstein.
God bless Tylenol.
On New Year's Day, I received 4 orchids from a lady on Freecycle. I have a bad track record with phalaenopsis orchids, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. Well, I am pleased to report progress:

I pruned the bud stalk just above the third node, and it has sprouted a new flower stalk! Do you see the baby leaf in the center of the other leaf?! They are perched on top of the medicine cabinet in our bathroom. Good, filtered light, humidity, and probably the most warmth in the house. I figure since they're used to being in a house, and not Target, they won't die.
I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, hanging with Alexis and whoring my potholders to chic stores in Lincoln Square. It was a great, great weekend. I'm always sort of worried that I'm one of those people who is constantly rehashing the good old days, to the annoyance of others. Not so with Lexi! She reminded me of many stupid things we did that I had forgotten about.
Saturday night, her husband was DJing at Club Foot, so we drank many Guinesses/vodka tonics and grooved to the strains of Charlatans, Echo and the Bunnymen, and the Descendents. I love how just one note of one song can instantly transport me 16 years into the past, into a warm summer night, into Lexi's ancient purple Volvo. Pavlov would be proud. One note of one song from "Songs To Learn And Sing" and I'm tasting watermelon Bubble Yum. Here's to the good old days, Lex!
Saturday after Hot Doug's, we went to Quiltology, and I left with these:

I know, I know, theyr'e Denyse Schmidt fabrics. Fabrics from my sworn enemy. But they're so dang cute! And they'll be perfect in potholders! Cut me a break!
Also, I'm still taking applications for Chilicraft. Please, please, sign up and help a sister out!

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Robin said...

Tessalon! Man, I love that stuff. I'd forgotten its name, though. I had it for the bronchitis from hell during winter finals, 1994. They also gave me another drug that gave me freaky-ass hallucinations.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Love the fabrics!