Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I swear I'll post again this weekend. This week was MAP testing, as well as parent-teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Tonight was the first time in 3 days I saw my backyard in the daylight. My tulips bloomed!
And yes, in case you're wondering, it IS a bad idea to have to give the MAP test, teach, then linger at school for the parents to come bitch about their kid's grades. I was so tired today I couldn't speak right. I am sure I won't be the first to say that teachers get treated like shit by their own districts.
And I'm allergic to whatever's dropping pollen all over my car.
To keep you entertained, and because Mai told me how to, here's some pics for ya.
Okay, that was supposed to go here. Obviously, it's me and Matt on our honeymoon. The person who took it was from the St. Louis area. Is it any surprise people here want to leave?
Let's try another one:
Sonuvabitch! Mai! Help me! My brother is only pretending to dislike having my wedding veil on his head. He's a good sport. It must be from all those times I put makeup on him as a kid.
One more, just for kicks.
Those are some rad potholders I made. They're not on yet, so if you like, let me know.


maitai said...

yay! pictures!

...but, um i don't think this is a post related to diaries from the 80s.

tsk, tsk!

Allison said...

I was off-task. You should give me a mark for bad behavior and call my mom.
How do I get type around the pictures???!!

maitai said...

if the image is centered, you won't be able to have type surround the photos. but if it's left or right-justified, you can do it.

i guess it's better to see in html, but next to the code for your image, just start typing away. it automatically creates padding so your text isn't overlapping with th eimage.