Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hoity-toity me

March 12, 1987

Dear Joanne,
Today was tiring. I skipped last night because I was babysitting until 10:30 for an illegitimate baby. Isn't that a hell of a thing?
So, I'm worried about C. Yesterday, I heard she went with AD, Ben, Connie, and Tracey to a cemetary. I just hope they don't get her to turn bad or something. Tracey doesn't even like her! She was making fun of her skirt in reading today. C isn't in my reading.
AD is okay, but Ben? Please!!! He is the stupidest person in our class next to L.
We got 2 more hermit crabs today because Perrin (sob!) died. I didn't name mine yet, but I think I like Johann. Tory. No! Nothing with a name ending in "ie". I can't decide if it's a boy or girl, though.
I'll name him King Tut! Yes! because he is huge (well, big) and his shell is cone shaped!
I am wasting paper so bad. I love Eric Schneider! I hope he dances with me tomorrow at the dance!

So, yeah....this was the beginning of the end of the sanity of my friend C. In a few months, you'll read about how she started carving herself and smoking cigarettes! Horrors!
The "bad" kids in our school started hanging out in the New Hope cemetary after school. New Hope was the name of our town, not the cemetary. At the time, it seemed very dark and evil and scary to me-this hanging out with dead folks. Ha ha-The Misfits just came on shuffle on Matt's iPod/stereo set up!
Alyssa later became a hippie, Connie, so I heard, STILL lives in New Hope, and Ben? Who knows? I don't know why I disliked him so much. When he first came to our school in 6th grade, I got along with him. Much later on, he moved to another district, but still hung out in our town some weekends. We'd see him and shoot the breeze for a while. I feel bad now for hating him merely because he had what must have been a learning disability. He was a genuinely nice guy. Ben, I'm sorry! I was 14 and judgemental! You were really hot the last time we saw you!

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