Saturday, February 18, 2006

Teen drama

March 3, 1987 (of course)
Man, so much has happened. Here it is:
1. H. was super pissed at me yesterday because I told BW she lusted him (me and H.)
2. We are now over it, but,
3. CT is mad at LW and vice versa because LW told TS that CT was crying over BW.
4. LW is pissed at CT only I can't quite figure out why.
5. CT was acting weird today. Could it be the 29th day?
6. CT is also mad at HM for reasons unknown to me.
I'll have to do some investigating tomorrow.
Yawn, Allison

At the bottom of each page of this diary was a drawing of a cat and a quote. Yes, I was a cat person. This page's quote was "Curiosity is the curse of a brilliant mind". I scribbled "True!" next to it. From an early age, I fancied myself an intellectual. This later became my only solace during my early teen years. I certainly was not cute, and was not a fashion plate, but I was smarter than most of my class, and I liked that. "At least I'm not stupid!" was my favorite comeback. When we got older, it changed to "At least I'm not a slut like you!" Those were good times.
Number 5 above refers to my developing theory that CT had major PMS. Now, I see that she had some serious mental problems. In 9th grade, she started cutting herself. I thought she was just weird, but now I wish I had told someone what she was doing. Last I heard, she's doing okay, having lived past 26. For years, she swore she would die before she was 26, just like James Dean. That's a whole other diary in itself-Ninth grade!

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