Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dear Diary

This is from a pale green "Modern Composition Book" which was used all the time in school for essay writing. I haven't seen one in years, but if I did, I would want to write an essay in it. "List and describe 3 causes of the Revolutionary War." "What does 'To err is to be human' mean in terms of All Quiet On The Western Front?" and so on.
Feb. 4, 1987
Hi! Well, today is the first day of my new diary. I guess I'll tell you what happened today.
1. H. thought up this great idea in Music that we would have a trial for me and BW. See, yesterday, I wrote this note to C. about how much I hate him and I described the way he hid the bulge in his pants. Well, he got it
(the note, not the erection) after tearing several pages out of my notebook. Anyway, he is super super super mad at me and I guess I'm hunted.
So H. got an affadavit from me, AD, AM, and H. herself, oh, and J. about how he bothered me yesterday in gym. So we told him and he said he'd be there but he wimped out and went home!
That's it.
I will now officially rate the people in my class.
1. KA-okay, nice, but a little insulting at times.
2. BB-stupid, uly, dumb, ugly, stupid, ugly...(need I say more?) Ah heck, I'll just do my friends and people who I am involved with.

1. CT-very creative, funny, sometimes a wee tiny bit pushy but a really good friend.
2. AW-okay, a real good friend, has contacts, which I am very jealous of
3. AM-a nerdy person, not a real true friend, but she always gives me gum and talks to me in homeroom.

So, you can see where my priorities lay. Gum. Non-stupid people. Certainly not Music Class. BW had been friendly to me the year before, but in 8th grade, he turned evil and spent each day harassing me by snapping my bra, teasing me, insulting me, embarassing me. I spent a good portion of my time avoiding hallways I knew he would be in. In 1987, bullying just happened, usually to me. We didn't have afterschool specials or character education classes. We didn't fight in my school, so that wasn't an option. I now know I should have told someone like a principal or a teacher, but I kept quiet. I just hoped he would get tired of bothering me and move on to some other geek. He did end up with braces and bad acne, while my face is still blemish-free. Later on, though, BW got his, courtesy of My Dad.

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matthew said...

great stuff. Do you really have all of your old diaries? I want to read them.